Greco-Roman Style

2 to 4 Bedrooms

Heated Pool


Modern Island Breeze

1 to 3 Bedrooms


Maroccan Style

2 to 4 Bedrooms

Heated Pool


Jewel of the Caribbean

1 to 3 Bedrooms

All our properties are located in the prestigious, gated and security patrolled Terres Basses on the French side of the island of St. Martin.

Each villa is located on a minimum of 54,000 sq. ft. (5,000 sq. meter) land surrounded by it's own fence.

The villas are only accessible by a private parking gate to ensure complete privacy during your stay.

Villas are rented with exclusive access and are offered on a number of bedrooms needed. Each bedroom has a private full bathroom with many offering an additional private outdoor shower.

IF you need more than 4 bedrooms, there is the possibility of renting Pergola and Magnolia at the same time. These 2 villas are communicating with a discreet walkway making it a perfect choice for four to seven couples seeking for privacy.

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Check out the location of our villas in the prestigious Terres Basses, St-Martin, FWI